Pakora - Pakoda

Pakoras or Pakodas as called in South is a great snack for the evening and is best enjoyed piping hot during the rainy times!
  1. Besan flour 2 cups
  2. Rice flour - 1/4 cup
  3. Ginger - small piece
  4. Green chillies - 10 -12
  5. Cashew pieces - 1/4 cup
  6. Cooking soda - a pinch
  7. Curry leaves a few
  8. Coriander leaves - a few
  9. Onion - 1 or 2
  10. Ghee - 1 table spoon
  11. Cooking oil for deep frying
  12. Hing - a pinch
  13. Salt to taste
  1. Cut the onion into thin pieces. Cut the green chillies,ginger and the curry leaves and put these into a bowl
  2. Pour the ghee,add salt,baking soda,hing powder and mix thoroghly for 5 minutes.
  3. Add the besan flour and the rice flour and the cashew pieces
  4. The dough should not be too dry or too soggy. The dough should crumble in your hands.

  5. Preparation
  6. In a frying pour the oil and wait till it hots up.
  7. Drop the dough into the oil a liitle by little without too much of shaping them
  8. Remove once the pakoras turn golden brown and crispy

  9. Tastes great, plain or with tomato sauce.