Simple Milk Payasam - (பால் payasam)

A sweet beginning to any auspicious occasion, Paal payasam is not only easy to make but this will also traditionally satisfy the occasions. All you need are a few glasses of fresh milk and a handful of rice or 'aval' or vermicelli and a cup of sugar.

Method 1:
Take four glasses of milk (approximately 1000 ml or 33 fl oz). Wash the basmati rice and keep side. If you are going to use vermicelli ( semiya), or aval roast it in a pan with a few drops of ghee till golden brown.
Boil the milk along with the rice/aval/vermicelli. Boil in low flame till the milk thickens. Remove from the stove and add the sugar and stir well.Garnish with chopped and roasted cashew, raisins if you desire.
This can be consumed either hot or chilled. Both taste good.

Method 2: (cooker paal payasam with basmati rice)
Pour the milk along with basmati rice in a pressure cooker. Cook with weights for  30 minutes for 500 ml of milk and 40 to 60 minutes for 1000 ml of milk in low flame. Open the cooker after it cools down. Add sugar and stir the pinkish paal payasam. Garnish with pre-roasted cashews and serve.