Rava Dosai

Ingredients for 10 to 12 dosas
  1. Sooji rava 1 cup 
  2. Rice flour 1 cup 
  3. Maida (multi purpose flour) - 1 teaspoon
  4. Pepper  1 teaspoon
  5. Green chillies - 3 -4 finely chopped
  6. Jeera 1 teaspoon
  7. Curry leaves a few
  8. Coriander leaves  a few
  9. Salt to taste
  1. Mix all the above to a batter of liquid consistency ( like a thick milk).
  2. Heat the tava and pour this OUTSIDE IN . Add oil around the dosa and also in the middle.
  3. Remove from the tava once the dosa become golden brown and crisp.( use high flame for better results)

 Onion Rava
You can sprinkle finely chopped onions as soon as you have poured in the dosa batter or you can mix with the batter itself.

Serve with coconut chutney / tomato chutney/ onion sambar or 'milagai podi' and sesame oil.