Kanu - ( Kanupeedai)

கணு பிடி

This festival is celeberated after the Pongal or Sankranti. This day is very similar to Rakhsa Bandhan and Bhai Dhuj  celeberated in the northern parts of India ,where women offer prayers for the prosperity and wellbeing of their brothers. The women perform this ritual before sunrise and before bathing in the morning. All the women, young and old, of the house, take the tender turmeric rhizome that was tied to the Pongal vessel the previous day and go to the elder ladies( sumangalis) in their home or visit other elder ladies ( sumangalis) to seek their blessings and get their forehead anointed ( smeared) with the turmeric. This is called - 'manjal keeral' ( மஞ்சள் கீறிப்பது)  

Using the previous day leftovers ( some of the sweet pongal and white rice are deliberately kept aside for this) they make small balls of sweet pongal, red colored balls mixing rice with kum kum , yellow colored balls mixing rice with turmeric.
 Women spread the turmeric leaves in their yards or terrace and place these balls along with small pieces of banana, sugar cane for crows to feast on this. They pray for the well being of their brothers and prosperity and well being of their family.
It is believed that Lord Yama Himself comes to this world as crows and accept these offerings and a very pleased Lord blesses the family.