Sarasvathy Pooja

Navarathri is celebrated for nine days.From day seven, Goddess Saraswati is celebrated culminating in Saraswati pooja. During Saraswati pooja , you must  clean a place in your Pooja room ( if you are celebrating Kolu then in front of the steps) place a small plank ,place your reading materials, your childrens’  text books, writing materials, and for elders, books related to their profession ( house wives can place their cookery books, diaries, sloka books that they use daily).On top of these place an idol or a picture of Goddess Sarasvathy, decorate her with flowers etc. If you are not able to perform pooja for 3 days,do it on the Mahanavami reciting the following sloka;

"Paasangusa thara Vaani veena pusthaka tharini mama vakthre vasae nithyam santhushtasthu sa sarvathaa" 
பாசாங்குச  தார  வாணி  வீனா  புஸ்தக  தாரிணி  மம வக்த்ரே  வசே  நித்யம்  சந்துஷ்டாஸ்து ச சர்வத 
पासन्गुस थर  वाणी  वीणा पुस्थाक थारिणी  मम  वक्त्रे वसे नित्यं   
 संथुष्टस्थु स सरवथा      

and perform neivethyam with payasam, Vadai, chenna sundal etc.

During the pooja day, it is customary that you should not be reading, learning or teach anything.